You will come back, I am sure!


Well, for the following reasons:

  • To know what is Myasthenia Gravis?
  • How one has to deal with it?
  • How life changes with it?
  • To catch talks with neurologists and other specialized doctors on the latest on Myasthenia Gravis
  • To be part of the newest support forum/group on this auto immune disorder

All this with a dash of humour and  a dose of glamour!

But remember, you would also come back here not only for Myasthenia Gravis, (now on referred to as MG). Simply because, there is much more to me than MG!

My life has been far more interesting.






On ‘MiracleMe’ you will get to know of my journey from

  • Being a nobody to a mini-local celebrity
  • Plummeting down to the abyssal
  • And my return as a new MiracleMe

Here you would experience with me tales of

  • past livesPLR
  • self-healing therapies
  • celestial bodies and energies sprinkling their magic
  • family and friends and angels in all shapes and forms protecting me
  • yoga and pranayama


  • the role of exercise and nutrition
  • positive thoughts
  • secrets of happiness and the
  • MiracleMe

Of course, like any other film, I shall introduced you to the villains and anti-heroes whom I let mar my life! This and much more.

And you will know and practice with me that which shall heal you forever and ever.

So stay in touch for just it!

Each week!


  1. Unique! is the word for u…from the time I have first met u as a beautiful , talented and famous rj…till today..seen u struggle with MG…and still manage to do so many things…u hv been always been an inspiration…I love u to the moon and back..Will always do..😊

    1. Thanks so much Ruhi for writing in and making me feel top of the world. DO spread the word around for the blog. More people who benefit from my experience the better….Yes Love you too!!! Thanks for hanging in there, always…:-)

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