9 Super Ideas For a New Year Party at Home

Super Ideas?

9 Super ideas? For a New Years Party at Home?

Yes, because I like to believe that if you don’t enjoy at your own party then there is no fun in throwing one. And so these ideas are all doable, without much hassle.

Here is the list of 9 such party ideas:


  1. BAITHAK STYLE: A quiet sit and chat and drink and be merry kind of a party. Ghazals, playing in the background add to the feel.




  1. KARAOKE NIGHT: A lot of fun. Great if you are a singer. Even better if you are a horrible one. Others get to have a nice laugh at your expense. Also once everyone is high, no one would care a damn who is singing how!


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  1. DANCE PARTY- THEME PARTY: 70’s theme- Is the safest. Since most fashion has already come back, it would easy for people to prepare or buy things off shelves. And the music from the seventies can be played from any of the online music portals.




  1. COOK TOGETHER PARTY: Friends and family that cook together, well, eat together. This is a great way of spending more time with each other. You begin early. Everyone contributes to the party food and other arrangements. All this at the dining table. Cutting veges, preparing the marinade, baking, cooking, everything together. It is pertinent that wine or champagne or Sangria flows non-stop.  This is how we have planned to usher in the New Year.




  1. BARBEQUE PARTY: If you have too much of time on hand or love cooking than prepare the marination a day prior. If you want to enjoy the party as much as your guests, order readymade marinated meat and vegetables and simply sit and Barbeque them, soaking in the heat and warmth of the coal.


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  1. NO HASSLE PARTY: This is the easiest. Order in food. All you need to do is, play the music and pour the wine. Pizzas, burgers, kathi rolls, road side chicken steamed momos, the list is endless.





  1. POT LUCK: Always works well with loads of leftovers for the morning after. Everyone brings in their signature dish and no one needs to bother which cuisine it is from. A mish mash is good .




  1. LIVE MUSIC: My personal favourite. Provided you have a friend who knows how to strum the guitar. All end up singing their favourite songs into the night. This ofcourse, can get clubbed with any of the other types of party mentioned.





  1. A SERIOUS COCKTAIL PARTY: Where nothing else matters except some heavy duty well researched deadly cocktails. The party would be a hit if atleast 40 % of the guests doze off before the clock strikes 12.


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I am going to try the side-car recipe from here. What about you? http://firstwefeast.com/drink/10-easy-cocktail-recipes/sidecar


Ok Ok, some mocktails too. https://www.mycocktailmasterclass.co.uk/2015/11/26/5-winter-mocktails-recipes/


Come back here tomorrow, once you have decided on which type of a party to go ahead with at your place this Saturday. And I shall list a few ideas that could be incorporated to add some fun to the New Year’s Eve Party At Home!!!


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