7 Signs that say rush to the neurologist NOW!

  1. You start lisping like a 2 year old at the age of 30 plus or close or post a late pregnancy or delivery
  2. You are unable to throw out the frothy clove flavor toothpaste out of the mouth and have to put your fingers in to clean the insides of the teeth and gums


3. You give your 100 Watt smile to your colleague. She walks up to you concerned to ask “all well? Why aren’t you smiling today?” Errr…well, because the smile has changed directions. Instead of going up it goes down, like a grumpy Pallavi.


4. One of the eye decides to shut shop! Like literally. One eye remains open the other closes.


5. You are unable to hold a pen in your hand. And if you do manage to hold it, your handwriting either is gibberish or becomes smaller as you keep writing.



6. You would be breathing but it would not be up to the mark. You would feel like taking that one extra gulp of air keeping your face in front of the AC with your mouth open.


7. There would be zero decibel voice that only you would hear….rush to a doctor, rush to a hospital….now….It could be Myasthenia Gravis!

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