6 Fun Things To Do At Your New Year’s Eve Party at Home


So, here is part 3 of the New Year’s Eve Party at Home.

In the previous two posts, I wrote

  • Why we should organize the New Year’s Eve Party at Home
  • Some interesting themes of ideas for the same


I know you would say, a party is a party is a party. There shall be friends and lots of chatting and dancing and eating and ofcourse drinking. Who shall have the time for anything else?


Well, that is true. However, if you are at the age I am at, when one can no longer dance or dance for long, when your guests too like to enjoy yet not maybe shake a leg, then these could be good options.


Read on and decide…if not for the party tomorrow then maybe another party another day.



So, here are 6 fun things to do at the New Year’s Eve Party at Home:


  1. NOISE MAKERS: Ask each person to get from home a noise maker for midnight. After all, if the next door neighbours doesn’t complain then how could the party be a success?






  1. THE YEAR GONE BY: Chits on what were the best moments of the year 201. Put chits in a transparent box. Have innovative things written on it that makes the guests ponder over the year gone by for atleast a couple of seconds. Some examples: The best kiss of the year! The best date. The best moment. The happiest memory. The lesson of the year. The day you laughed the most. The best meal of the year. The best holiday.


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  1. NEW YEAR RESOLUTION chits: Love them or hate them, no New Year can go without giving resolutions a thought. It doesn’t matter if it someone adheres to it eventually or breaks on the 1st of Jan 2017.

Give all guests a chit each, asking them to write their New Year Resolution and put the chit back into the box, without writing their names. One person eventually reads all the chits one by one. Have a guessing game of who wrote what?

Image result for new year resolution

Put on FB live or simply record for posterity.


  1. PICTIONARY: With all words, celebs, events from 2016 only. The year gone by had a number of incidents that we would love to remember and some we would love to forget. I guess removing the word demonetization from the game would be a good idea…too easy for anyone to guess and surely top of the mind 🙂   Let’s try and draw other things for all to guess.  Ensure each team has atleast one lousy sketcher. Use a big board and marker and not paper and pen.



Or you could play pictionary on phrases and idioms too !!! Guess what this one says….Heee….(Got it on WhatsApp yesterday night)




  1. PAPER DANCE: It is ok if you don’t know how to dance. This paper dance doesn’t allow you to move much. Infact, it ensures intimacy thanks to proximity.

Come on, don’t say no. When was the last time you did that?




  1. TRUTH OR DARE: This is to be played strictly post drunkenness!  Once the party is officially over, this game can create a buzz like how! The next day shall be full of exchanging WhatsApp messages and on phone calls discussing who said what! Here is where you can pick some daring questions from: https://lifehacks.io/truth-or-dare-questions/





Charge into 2017 with the same same daring enthusiasm!


Have a lovely New Year Eve and a fantastic




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