5 Most Silly Questions We Ask!

Some of us just have the knack.

The knack of asking the most obvious question. We know the answer. It’s right in front of  us. Staring. Gaping. Yet we ask. And make a fool of ourselves.

Let us take a look at the top 5 most stupid, silly, in your face questions.

I have taken the liberty of answering on your behalf. You know? That answer which you give in your head but wish you could give it aloud? Like Ally McBeal.



Now don’t ask who is Ally McBeal the same way as you keep asking what is Myasthenia Gravis?

No don’t worry this post is not about MG.

In office

(You are sitting alone in your colleagues’ cabin and people keep walking into the near empty room, look around and ask the same question)  

Qs: 1: Danish sir is not in the room?

Answer: (in my head like Ally McBeal): Err…let me check my pockets….naah…the almirah too is empty…let me check underneath the chair and the table….Nope, sorry Danish sir is not here.



At the Cinema Hall

Qs: 2: Totally shocked and surprised…Heyyyyy…What are you doing here?

Answer: (in my head like Ally McBeal): Awee…don’t you know I am a part time cleaner here!



At a pub with friends

Qs.3: Hey! You coloured your hair?

Answer: (in my head like Ally McBeal) No, I was going down the backstreet and saw a fresh dead body with blood oozing out. I dunk my hair into it for the lovely shade of red.


At home

Qs. 4:  Were you sleeping?

Answer: (in my head like Ally McBeal) Are you crazy? I am so active and energetic at the end of a 14 hour job that I was playacting the role of a swimmer wanting to swim across the Atlantic Ocean, that’s when you came in.



At a wedding

Qs. 5:  Good Lord, look at this girl, how big she has become! The last I saw her she was so tiny, so small. Now she is so big that she is a dulhan (bride)!

Answer: (in my head like Ally McBeal) Same to you Aunty, The last time I saw you were so tiny and small yourself! You have grown big too!



Be careful when you ask a question.

Look around before you make a complete joke of yourself.

Differentiate between a question and a statement.

I can’t but contain myself from adding in this list a last, extra silly question asked often.

Look at the picture below. Yeah…you know the question!

“Ohhh…are you expecting?”

I wonder what the lady would answer?


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